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The Importance of Dog Grooming

Why is Professional Dog Grooming so Important?

Believe it or not, the primary reason why grooming a dog is so important is because the cleanliness of a dog influences the way he feels. Have you ever noticed that when a dog comes home from the groomer they have a little strut in their step? Its because they feel good! 

When a dog is groomed regularly it helps ensure the dog is healthy and comfortable. There are different stages in the grooming process and they will vary depending on the breed and individual needs of your dog. Different dog breeds require different care depending on the coat type, but usually dogs will be bathed, dried, brushed and trimmed. Ears will also be cleaned out, preventing infection and nails will be clipped, preventing limping and/or infection. Grooming also removes dirt, dead undercoat, and parasites promoting healthy coat growth.

What Problems Result from Lack of Professional Grooming?
Problems such as excessive shedding, painful matting, skin and paw irritations, impaction of the anal glands and horrible breath are some of the top concerns for dog owners from lack of grooming. Below are some things you can watch for at home to make sure your dog is happy and healthy in between visits.

My families Schnauzer, Skamp, lounging in the lawn.


Dogs ears are very sensitive and the larger your dogs ears, the more sensitive they are. They can have excessive wax and dirt build up, are a great place for ticks to hide and can become infected. A gentle cleansing with a dog ear wash can help prevent these problems from happening(cleaning of the ears is included with a bath at Bernicks Barking BathHouse!) If your dog is consistently scratching, shaking their head, has redness or odor he should see veterinarian.

Dogs need their teeth brushed too, just not everyday like humans. Brushing dogs teeth not only freshens breath, it helps reduce tartar buildup and prevent disease. It is recommended that your dogs teeth be brushed every six to eight weeks otherwise it can be done at the groomer(tooth brushing is included with a bath at Bernicks Barking BathHouse!) If you decided to brush them at home use toothpaste designed for dogs, human toothpaste will cause an upset tummy.

Letting a dogs nails grow out is very risky for many reasons. When a dogs nails are overgrown they can split, break or be completely torn off. Along with that, long nails cause discomfort for the dog and can cause posture problems. In extreme cases, the nails curl back into the paw pads causing an ugly infection. A little tip, if your dogs nails touch the floor, they could use a trim. (Nail trims are included with a bath at Bernicks Barking BathHouse!)
Brushing your dog frequently will help reduce shedding, stimulate blood circulation and prevent fleas and ticks from infesting your dog's coat. Haircuts for dogs are more important for dogs than for humans. When a dogs hair grows out they require regular brushing otherwise they will become matted. Some short hair breeds require little to no clipping, but a good bath every once in a while is still advisable.


Regular bathing keeps your dogs coat healthy and clean. It also helps remove excess hair and keep them (and your house) smelling fantastic and free of loose hair. For bath time, make sure you use a shampoo specifically designed for dogs because human shampoos are higher in PH and could cause a skin irritation. It is also a good idea to use conditioner after a good scrub down to help put moisture back in the coat.

Here is our old Corgi, Pepsi, scratching those "hard to reach" places.

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