Bernicks Barking BathHouse


At Bernicks Barking BathHouse, we know that a quick shave won't do the trick when it comes to your pooch. Katie takes the extra time to hand-scissor and style according to the breed or your personal specifications. On top of that, your little Fido will be welcomed into a clean, safe and friendly environment where Katie will go to extensive measures to be sure your baby is as comfortable as possible during the entire grooming process.

The 14 Step Grooming Process!! 
  1. Check for fleas, ticks, infections, lumps, bumps, hot spots, skin lesions, and any abnormalities from nose to tail that may need medical attention.
  2. Check for any mats and de-mat before bathing if necessary.
  3. Deep Massage Bubble Bath that will gently clean the skin and coat. 
  4. Deep Coat Condition that will re-moisturize and condition the skin and coat.
  5. Ear Cleaning to gently remove dirt and excess ear wax. Also helps minimize the risk of infection.
  6. Teeth Brushing to freshen breath and help prevent tartar buildup. 
  7. Anal Gland Expression to prevent impaction of the sacs. (What are Anal Glands?)
  8. Blow Dry and Coat Fluff using a high velocity hand dryer to remove excess hair and dry the coat (if your dog will tolerate it.) If the blow drying process is to stressful for your dog, he will dry in the crate with a fan on him. NO CAGE DRYERS ARE USED TO PREVENT OVERHEATING OF THE DOG. 
  9. Trimming of Paw Pads and Private Areas to keep the feet and privates clean. 
  10. Nail Clipping and Filing done with a dremel to get the nails as short as possible.
  11. A Good Brushing consisting of removal of undercoat or combing and trimming. (If needed)
  12. Desired Cut and style of the coat.
  13. Cologne to help keep your pooch smelling fresh.
  14. Completed with a Bow or Bandanna to give your dog some extra glitz.
All of these steps are taken for bathing as well, with the exception of step 12.

To Schedule an Appointment or if you have any questions, Call Katie at
(612) 875-9879 or Email her at

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