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Bernicks Barking BathHouse offers full service dog grooming for all breeds from big to small!!

Katie Bernick, the groomer at Bernicks Barking BathHouse, is a professional who loves and respects dogs of all sizes and personalities. She is proficient in breed cuts and experienced with hand scissoring, and guarantees the best results for both you and your pet! Every pet guest at Bernicks Barking BathHouse is welcomed into a clean, safe, and friendly environment where Katie goes to extensive measures to ensure your pets comfort. She also only uses premium shampoos and conditioners to help avoid any skin problems arising from sub-standard products.

A Note From Katie! 

Hi! I'm Katie Bernick, the owner of Bernicks Barking BathHouse! I want to Thank You for taking the time to visit the website! Since you are visiting, you must have a fur baby that needs some grooming. Before that baby comes to see me, feel free to read about my journey.

When I was 5, if I were asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would have said a photographer. I didn't loose that train of thought until I actually went to photography school and realized I did not have as much passion as I thought I did. So here I was, your average college student, changing their major. Only problem was, I had no clue what I wanted to do since the lifelong plan was to become a photographer. The same year I started school, I got my Australian Shepherd, Axel Rose. Since the first day I got him, the two of us have been inseparable.  Because of Axel, I realized I wanted to incorporate dogs into my day to day life. Lucky for me, lifetime family friend, Tine Martin, shared my same passion. Tine owns Kottage Kennels of Bolingbroke, Georgia and she offered to take me under her wing and teach me all the tricks of the trade. So Axel and I loaded up the car and headed down, not really knowing what to expect. Turns out, I LOVED IT! Not only did I learn how to groom by the side of 3 VERY talented groomers, I learned how to run a kennel. After 10 glorious months, it was time for me to move back home and get a job. 

Within days after coming home, I got my first job at a high end grooming spa in Minnetonka. I loved my job there, but 40 minutes was to far for my friends and family to bring their dogs. After a while, I started seeing the need for another groomer in the Delano area. From there, everything fell right into place and here I am! Absolute Dream come True! I love my job, and have found that dogs are some of the best people I know! 


Katie and her dog Axel.


Available Monday-Saturday by Appointment only! Call Katie at (612) 875-9879 to schedule an appointment.


If for whatever reason the appointment needs to be cancelled, please call and let me know prior to the scheduled appointment time.

~Your dog must be vaccinated with Rabies and Distemper/Parvo vaccine before we can proceed with grooming. Also a bordatella vaccine (kennel cough) is recomended for the safety of your dog and other dogs on the premises. 

~Puppies must be over three months of age and up to date on all 
vaccines to enjoy a grooming 

~Bernicks Barking BathHouse reserves the right to decline grooming services based on the dogs age, temperament, condition of coat, or general health.

 ~If a dog shows signs of aggression, he will be muzzled during the grooming process for the safety of your pet and groomer.

To Schedule an Appointment or if you have any questions, Call Katie at
(612) 875-9879 or Email her at
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